Here’s how you can help

5K Fundraiser Run?


You can organize a fundraising event such as a recreational outing, restaurant night, school event, walk, run, car wash, etc. Be creative! The Fund is open to new ideas and will help you come up with an idea and then support your efforts however we can. Interested?

Talk With Rhonda!

Here are some organizations that have raised funds for the Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund.


You can volunteer. The Fund is represented at many community events such as parades, trade shows, and fairs. The Fund can always use a helping hand.

Minority Health Fair

Early Screening Works!

Get Those Mammaries Grammed!

It is well accepted that women should have an annual mammogram because a mammogram detects breast cancer early when it’s most treatable. The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund promotes early screening.

The Fund can help pay for early breast cancer screening and any follow up diagnostic services required.