Free Support Books

There are an abundance of tools and resources available to help interested parties learn more about breast cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer in Richland County the Fund will provide you with two support handbooks that will help you overcome the emotional strain of breast cancer.

Here’s more help for you!

Breast Cancer Treatment

Over 475,000 copies of this handbook are in use. Provides you easy-to-understand procedural and treatment explanations. It is written to inspire and support, not contradict, your doctor’s treatment plan. Worth having!

Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook

…is designed to be given to the support person of a breast cancer patient. The book is a complete resource guide on every imaginable topic relating to breast cancer so that spouses, family, and friends can be an effective support partner.

And here are some websites that we believe are beneficial.

Susan G Komen

National Breast
Cancer Organization


National Cancer Institute

MD Anderson

American Cancer Society

Breast & Cervical Cancer Project

Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio