Fighting Breast Cancer in Richland County for Over 25 Years

About the Fund

The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund helps Richland County women overcome the emotional and financial strains of breast cancer.

The Fund:

  • Educates you about breast cancer.
  • Encourages your early detection of breast cancer.
  • Financially helps you when breast cancer strikes.
  • Helps you celebrate your triumph.

25th Anniversary

Pat Kracker

The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund was established by Dave Kracker in memory of his wife Pat who died of breast cancer on her 61st birthday June 30, 1996.

How the Fund Helps You

The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund helps you ‘Before’ breast cancer strikes and ‘When’ breast cancer strikes.

Women, beginning at age 40, should have an annual mammogram. Do you need help with your early breast cancer screening or any follow up?

When breast cancer strikes unexpected costs arise. This puts a strain on household budgets and increases stress.

The Fund also helps you by covering many diversified breast cancer related costs.

  • Clinical office appointments
  • Prostheses/bras/wigs
  • Rent/house payment
  • Utilities
  • Car payment
  • Gas cards
  • And more…

…Your case is assessed individually and a determination is made based on several factors as to what type of assistance you are given.