‘Before’ Breast Cancer Strikes

The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund helps pay for early breast cancer screening and any follow up diagnostic services required.

 It is well accepted that women should have an annual mammogram because a mammogram detects breast cancer early when it’s most treatable. The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund promotes early screening.

Unfortunately, the public’s acceptance of the benefits of annual screenings doesn’t always result in annual screenings occurring. Today’s health care debate has caused uncertainty about what age should a woman have a mammogram, who pays for it, how much, and when does screening stop being preventative and become treatment – which affects who pays for it and how much!

The outcome of this uncertainty is that many women are deciding not to have a mammogram or they are skipping their screening every other year.

 ‘We’ believe that all Richland County women, beginning at age 40, should have an annual mammogram. In Richland County there are multiple sources available to help support you financially with your breast cancer fight – including early screening. The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund is one of those sources.

Contact us, even if you have insurance. We’ll help guide you through the early detection uncertainty to see that your initial mammogram, regardless of which type, and any follow up diagnostic mammograms or biopsies are paid for.

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