When was the Fund started?

Why was the Fund started?

Who can receive help from the Fund?

What kind of medical help can I receive financial support?

What kind of non-medical help can I receive financial support?

Where can I obtain personal items?

Can you help with my mental and emotional roller coaster?

Do you have a book that would be helpful for me to read?

Can I have medical insurance and still receive help from the fund?

What are the guidelines for receiving financial support?

How do I apply for financial support?

How is financial support disbursed?

What can you do to support my minor child(ren) while I’m dealing with breast cancer?

What events are held annually to support and how can I get involved?

How can I raise funds for the Fund?

Should I contact you before conducting fund raiser/event?

Will you attend our fund raiser/event?

Can you speak at our fund raiser/event?

Are promotional items available for fund raisers/events?

Can the Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund be used as a Memorial Contribution designation?

How can I just donate to the Fund directly?

If I make a donation, how will my donation be used?

Is my contribution tax deductible?