Richland County Community Renews Breast Cancer Fight

Richland Countians reaffirmed their fight against breast cancer this year through expanded individual donations and the reestablishment of community fundraisers supporting the Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund.

Last year’s COVID pandemic cancelled all fundraising events except one,” says Rhonda Breit, Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund Chairperson. “We continued to financially help Richland County women who needed help for this terrible disease, but the lack of donations and fundraisers most definitely strained our limited resources.”

The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund was established in memory of Pat Kracker who lost her battle with breast cancer on her 61st birthday. The Fund has helped Richland County women fight breast cancer for 25 years.

“The Fund has always been supported by Richland County residents, businesses, and media to help our residents navigate the tidal wave of emotions and financial pain caused by this horrible disease,” says Dave Kracker, Founder. “We are so thankful for their support.”

Local businessman Steve Cobb and his Garbage Guys Who Care employees continues to donate a portion their customers’ bill to the Fund.

After a year’s absence, the Westbrook Country Club held their 8th Annual Rally for the Cure. Through this event Westbrook has been the Fund’s longest and largest fundraising organization. Their contribution this year was exceptional.

iHeart’s October Adopt-A-Duck continues to combine individual donations with the local business community to raise awareness and financially fight breast cancer.

Additional fundraisers were organized this summer by Kelly’s Dairy Bar, Kelly Litzinger Memorial Golf at Forest Hills, and Kingdom Grace Walk.

Individual donations were received by the United Steel Workers, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and a list of individual private donations to numerous to identify here.

“The Pat Kracker Breast Cancer Fund is thankful this holiday season for Richland Countians who continue to fight breast cancer in Richland County,” says Rhonda.

For additional information contact Rhonda Breit at (419) 610-4877 or visit